Biokat’s world of fragrances


Humans, are not only able to distinguish between hundreds of smells, but can also store them. A certain fragrance or smell can remind us of our childhood, for example. Our nose has some 350 receptors, which each of them perceiving sertain scent molecule groups. The basic smells are divided into seven different categories: musk, camphor, flowers, menthol as well as ethereal and acrid. Did you know that in the animal kingdom, the eel has the best sense of smell? It can recognise smells that are thousands of kilometres away. Our human nasal mucous membrane has the same area as a coin. By way of comparison: a dog’s is 40 times bigger.

Fragrances are emotions

Do you know this situation? Your nose perceives a certain fragrance and suddenly some specific images spring to mind. This means: Fragrances can inspire worlds! We at Biokat’s take advantage of this fascinating ability in our world of fragrances. A customer survey showed that this was a success! Because 76 percent of them found our world of fragrances concept attractive.

The Biokat’s world of fragrance "Spring"

This new and modern fragrance is a combination of freshly cut grass and morning dew. Fresh herbs, white flowers and a hint of musk are reminiscences of a magical spring.

The Biokat’s world of fragrance "Freshness"

Be enchanted by a balanced blend of cotton blossom and a hint of jasmine. Like a light breeze, Cotton Blossom brings a light and airy fragrance of freshly washed linen to your home each day.

The Biokat’s world of fragrance “Baby”

A baby scent encourages you to care for your child and makes you want to be close to the child. This is the kind of feeling evoked by our “Baby” world of fragrance. Have you tried it yet?

NEW Biokat’s world of fragrance "Forest"

Capturing the mood of a gentle walk in the woodlands with all its familiar smells - with Walk in the Forest. Immerse yourself in this world of fragrance with fresh grass, spruce needles, eucalyptus, clove and a hint of musk

You and your cat like Biokat’s even without a fragrance?

Of course we also offer our Biokat’s products without added fragrances. Have a look around!

Biokat’s fragrance-free products