This is how Biokat’s is produced

The production plants for our cat litter are in Kelheim, in Bavaria. This allows us to process the raw material bentonite very close to where it is mined, at 30 metres depth. Because our Biokat’s natural clay also comes from Bavaria.

Immediately after extraction, the bentonite is delivered to Kelheim untreated. A crushing machine turns the moist clay into the base material for Biokat’s.

The crushed bentonite bentonite is then dried. To do this, we put it into our enormous drying drum together with moist loam dust. The drum is 21 metres long!

Afterwards, the bentonite can be processed. It is then turned into different granule sizes and put through a screen. Dust filters ensure that the bentonite dust can be reused and nothing is lost. This is also part of our sustainability concept, which has earned us several awards.

Finally, our Biokat’s cat litter granules are packaged in paper or plastic bags and are shipped to you and your cat.