The power of activated carbon

Activated carbon and bentonite are two strong partners when it comes to outstanding odour binding in cat litter.

In the cat toilet, unpleasant odours emanate from the cat’s urine and faeces. These odours are a mixture of various chemical compounds (such as sulphur compounds, methane gas, mercaptans, and ammonia) that are formed during the metabolic processes of the urea in the cat’s urine. Normal cat litter granules made from bentonite also bind odours well. However, there are odour molecules that are bound more efficiently specifically with activated carbon.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon has been used as an odour filter for some time, for example in kitchen extractor hoods, activated carbon-coated insoles and in filter systems in the interior of vehicles. Many air conditioning systems also have an activated carbon setting to eliminate outdoor odours such as diesel exhaust gas, manure, and sulphur dioxide from the supply air. Activated carbon is a completely natural, highly porous form of carbon with a large inner surface. One teaspoon of activated carbon is equivalent to approximately 2 grams. They have an inner surface of 2000 square metres, which is the size of half a football pitch!

The activated carbon we use for Biokat’s is made from coconut shells (a renewable resource) in special ovens using the steam activation method.

How does activated carbon work?

Unlike many other admixtures that are supposedly good at binding odours, activated carbon in cat litter actually works! The so-called van der Waals forces ensure that odorous substances are physically bound to the activated carbon. It works like a magnet: positive and negative charges attract each other. The large inner surface with its special pores encloses a large amount of bad smells.

The combination of activated carbon and bentonite produces cat litter granules made from pure natural materials that work together when it comes to odour binding.

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