The Biokat’s sustainability concept

Biokat’s litter consists of 100% natural clay sourced from monitored open-mine casts in Bavaria. Our focus is on the preservation of nature both during the mining process and thereafter. Our production process is guided by evidence-based measures that protect the environment.

In 2012 we received the ECOCARE AWARD for our Biokat’s sustainability concept. The award is presented every year for the most convincing sustainability concepts of retailers and industry in the categories product, project and technology/process. The name ECOCARE conceals three sustainability criteria: economy, ecology and social issues.

What’s special about the sustainability concept of Biokat’s?

  • Biokat’s cat litters are produced in Germany. This means short transport routes and low levels of CO2 emission on the way from the pit to the production plant.
  • We only use German high-quality raw clay. This way Biokat’s guarantees the German-made quality of its products and creates jobs in Germany.
  • After the extraction of the clay, Biokat’s re-cultivates the opened pits and restores them to their original state. This means that new and valuable ecological habitats are created. Throughout the mining process, our geologists monitor the pits and preserve their natural equilibrium.
  • Through technical innovations of our Biokat’s production methods we have managed to halve our energy requirements since 1991.
  • We have our own cogeneration plant at our site in Kelheim, which guarantees continued energy savings.
  • In 2011, the carbon-footprint association calculated the CO2 emission level of the Biokat’s production plant in Kelheim and confirmed it to be exemplary.

Our sustainable production

Our responsibility for nature and the environment is demonstrated, among other things, by our energy management system, which has been DIN EN ISO 50.001-certified by DEKRA Certification GmbH since 2015.

Our own cogeneration plant at our cat litter production site in Kelheim in Bavaria burns gas while at the same time producing heat and electricity. We use this heat to dry the litter in our gas burner. The electricity we produce covers 70% of our needs, and sometimes we produce so much that we can feed the surplus electricity back into the grid.

We are also gradually expanding our fleet to include electric forklifts. One of our other goals is to use at least 80% LED lamps by 2020 throughout the company.

Humans, cats and the environment are happy about this!