“The development and production of a cat litter that fully meets the needs of cats and humans when it comes to natural hygiene can indeed be described as science. At the same time we also protect the environment, and we integrate this into our daily work. Are you curious to find out more?”

Robert Prinsteiner, product development at Biokat’s

The advantages of clumping litter

A basic distinction is made between clumping and non-clumping cat litter. Biokat’s only supplies clumping litter. Why? What are the advantages? We explain it to you here.

Why we use activated carbon

Of course, bentonite is excellent at binding unpleasant odours. But bentonite has a strong partner: activated carbon. It makes all the difference for our premium cat litter. We tell you the secret of this natural raw material, which we use in Biokat’s Diamond Care classic, fresh and MultiCat etc.

Our AromaProtect Formula™

The stench emitted by cat urine is rightly considered to be particularly foul. Thus far, there have been various ways of covering up this odour using scents. However, sensitive people still noticed the stench. Biokat’s now uses a completely different technology in its cat litter – the AromaProtect Formula™. This solution reliably prevents the bad odour from being perceived by the brain.

Hygiene Formula™

We have developed a patented formula to make Biokat’s cat litter hygienic for your cat’s and your wellbeing. Our Hygiene Formula™ takes the most advantage from the most of the properties of the raw material bentonite. Here we explain to you how this works.

The manufacture of Biokat’s

We give you a glance behind the scenes of our state-of-the-art and eco-friendly production process. Because we know that the best way to trust a product is when you know where it comes from.

Sustainability Concept

Our Biokat’s sustainability concept has won multiple awards. We will gladly show you why our cat litter rightly has the word “bio” in its name, and the efforts we make to ensure that our production method helps preserve the future of our planet and of our children and pets.