“What is there to know about cat litter?”, you may ask. Quite a lot, we think! Because factors such as absorption, how economical it is, odour binding, clump depth, whether the litter clumps at all, play a role in the wellbeing of how you and your cat feel in your home.

Our expert

“I have been working at Biokat’s for 10 years. And yes, cat litter is my passion. In the lab, when testing, when improving the production process. And at home with my two cats.” (Robert Prinsteiner, product developer at Biokat’s)

And we can proudly say: You won’t find a bigger expert in cat litter. Millions of Biokat’s customers know this every day when they use our products. And you can benefit from his expertise and experience in the pages below.

All about Biokat’s

Activated carbon, sustainability, AromaProtect Formula™ – we want you to understand Biokat’s. Because you can only love products that you understand. And we help you understand them.

Your questions about Biokat’s

We answer all your questions about cat litter, filling, disposal and much more.