Bianco Fresh Hygiene control
Bianco Fresh Hygiene Control


With AromaProtect Formula™ for long-lasting odour binding and a pleasant spring fragrance.
Allow yourself to be charmed by the special combination of freshly cut grass and morning dewdrops. Fresh herbs, white flowers and a hint of musk recall a magical spring. Biokat’s Bianco Fresh Hygiene Control and Biokat’s Micro bianco fresh contain spring fragrance and stand out with their AromaProtect Formula™. This reliably captures unpleasant odours and releases our pleasant spring fragrance. As a result of this, the Biokat’s AromaProtect Formula™, developed by our experts for cat hygiene, provides for sustained odour binding!
These scented variants are available in two different granulations. Coarse and fine.

AromaProtect Formula™

Bianco Fresh Hygiene Control 10kg

Bianco Fresh Hygiene Control 7kg

Bianco Fresh Hygiene Control 5kg

Micro bianco fresh 7kg