It is our mission to create magical moments of togetherness for humans and pets. As a successful pet specialist, this has been our aim for more than 50 years – with all our GimCat cat snack, GimDog dog snack and of course Biokat’s premium cat litter products. That’s why our two- and four-legged customers now appreciate our products in more than 40 countries.

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Gimborn - Cats. Dogs. Love.

We introduce ourselves in our company video. Or rather: We are being introduced. By Balou the office dog. Because we love having dogs and cats with us all day long. Let Balou show you how bentonite is mined for Biokat’s and then processed to produce your cat litter.

Biokat’s story

The company H. von Gimborn from Emmerich am Rhein was founded in 1855, initially as a pharmaceutical company. In 1960, the company began to produce animal feed. In 1990, we took advantage of our experience with cats and began to produce cat litter in Kelheim in Bavaria. We used clay (bentonite) from nearby mines as the raw material.

This is what the “bio” in Biokat’s stands for

Biokat’s is a sustainability brand. This was confirmed in 2012, when we were presented with the ECOCARE award of the “Lebensmittel-Praxis” magazine. This meant that our sustainability concept was rewarded by a jury of European experts from science and business In addition, in 2011 the carbon-footprint association calculated the CO2 emission level of the Biokat’s production plant in Kelheim and confirmed it to be exemplary.

Biokat’s is committed to animal welfare

Together with the other Gimborn brands GimCat and GimDog, Biokat’s is sponsor of the animal welfare programme “Pfotenhilfe” at During each programme we donate Biokat’s cat litter to the participating animal shelters. The litter is very economical, binds odours and is absorbing, thus helping maintain high standards of hygiene in the animal shelters and lessening the workload of the staff.