Biokat’s cat litter – for 100% natural cat hygiene!

For more than 30 years, Biokat’s has been synonymous with premium cat litter and pure wellbeing.
With our patented compositions, our cat litter offers superior odour binding and outstanding clumping properties. Biokat’s stands for 100 percent natural ingredients. Biokat’s also stands for outstanding worlds of fragrances. This makes Biokat’s products perfect for satisfying two important needs in a harmonious relationship between human and cat – hygiene and wellbeing! This is Biokat’s cat litter:

  • superior odour retention
  • Outstanding clumping properties
  • Excellent absorption

Innovation! Biokat’s MultiCat

MultiCat is a unique litter perfectly tailored to the special needs of multiple cat households. The ultimate feel-good product for humans and pets!

The secret of activated carbon

In the premium cat litters of Biokat’s we use activated carbon. It ensures very special odour binding. Why?


Walk in the Forest – our newest Deo Pearls variety. Immerse yourself in our world of fragrance forest and refresh your cat’s litter tray as often as you like.

Biokat’s world of fragrances: Longer lasting freshness and very pleasant

Our Biokat’s world of fragrances, as a ready-made cat litter or a re-fresher, bring extra-long and pleasant freshness to the cat toilet. Immerse yourself in the new fragrance worlds of Biokat’s and enjoy the four delightful fragrances we have created for you.