Biokat’s Micro Fresh 7 kg

Biokat’s offers you these advantages: ✓ Extremely powerful odour absorption The secret of our excellent odour absorption lies in our high-quality natural clays. They trap unpleasant odours firmly within their pores. ✓ Extremely firm clumps Biokat’s litter forms firm clumps that are easy to remove. The firmer the clumps, the more hygienic the litter tray. ✓ Much more economical – a little goes a long way Up to 300% absorptive capacity – a little Biokat’s litter also goes a long way thanks to this excellent absorptive performance. ✓ Ecologically responsible Biokat’s contains natural clays that are mined in our region. This means short transport routes. There is therefore no unnecessary pollution to nature and the environment.

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Obsah výrobku: 7KG