Biokat’s Micro Bianco Fresh Extra 7 kg

Our 100% natural activated carbon is produced from coconut shells, a regenerable raw material. Activated carbon is a very porous material with an enormous internal surface area. If we opened only 2 grams of activated carbon on the flat, we would have an area as large as half a football pitch (2,000 square meters or even more). Thanks to special physical forces, the odorous substances bind very effectively and permanently to the activated carbon. This simple principle is called “van der Waals forces”. Thanks to its large surface area and van-der-Waals forces, activated carbon is able to absorb an incredible amount of odours at the same time with great efficiency. Activated carbon has been used successfully in the home for a long time: in the extraction hoods or odour filters of refrigerators, in water filters, in shoe liners, etc. How to use: Fill the clean tray of the cat about 7 cm of litter. Remove lumps and solid excrements daily. Replenish instead of refilling! Throw the waste into the rubbish bin or into the biodegradable waste bin (follow the local regulations). Do not dispose of in the toilet.

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Obsah výrobku: 7KG