Biokat’s kitty litter – for 100 per cent natural cat hygiene!

For over thirty years, Biokat’s has stood for premium kitty litter with superior odour retention and lump formation with a unique fragrance. Also, Biokat’s stands for 100 per cent natural ingredients. Therefore, Biokat's products are ideally suited to satisfy two important needs in the relationship between humans and cats - hygiene and care! Biokat’s kitty litter is

  • superior odour retention
  • perfect lump formation
  • a unique fragrance

Innovation! Biokat’s MultiCat

This is unique: A special kitty litter for everybody who had more than one cat. Covers the special requirements in wellbeing and hygiene for households with more than one cat.

The Secret of Activated Carbon

We use activated carbon in Biokat’s premium kitty litters. It guarantees very special odour retention. Why?

Sustainability Concept

Our Biokat's sustainability concept has already received several awards. The reason why our kitty litter rightly has the term organic in its name and what efforts we undertake to preserve the future of the planet and our children and domestic animals in our production process, we will gladly share with you.

Biokat’s world of fragrances: fresh, seductive, relaxing

Our world of fragrances, either as a finished kitty litter or as an extra additive, takes care of an extra-long and pleasant freshness in the cat litter. Dive in and let yourself be captivated by four new aromas in Biokat’s new world of fragrances, which we created especially for you.

This is what others say about Biokat’s


The blog on Biokat’s Diamond Care Fresh: “In every day life, no unpleasant odours can be detected. When cleaning, it smells pleasantly fresh, a bit like baby powder and Aloe Vera."


The blog Katzenliebe zu Biokat’s Deo Pearls: “Deo Pearls are a clever alternative for those of you who like to vary the scent or have more control over the intensity of the scent.”


From the blog Katzenliebe – What my cats and I think of Biokat’s Classic 3 in 1 fresh Cotton Blossom: “Biokat’s makes no false promises because Biokat’s Classic 3 in 1 fresh Cotton Blossom is strong in retention, forms very good lumps, which are easily removable, for the greater part odours are retained and it is very economical.”